After spending the past twelve years tinkering under the hood of just about every genre of music, Dave Wrangler has found his niche as a producer, remixer and DJ. Dave works with sound palettes from all musical disciplines to create his internationally-acclaimed remixes and genre-bending mashups from within the walls of his Houston-based studio. With ten years under his belt as a DJ, his musical background is deeply rooted in dance, electronica, hip-hop, and rock music. Dave has become one of the more consistently blogged about artists due to his consistent production of high-quality remixes, mashups and DJ mixes.



I Got review

Rolling Stone

Houston DJ Dave Wrangler transforms indie hits till they’re dance floor proper. It’s like when everyone leaves school for summer vacation, and then they come back the next year and the old captain of the debate team is all into Slayer and body modification…(read more)

Subservient Experiment

Over the last 10 years Dave Wrangler has managed to carve out quite the niche for himself in the world of electronic music …(read more)

The World In A Paper Cup

Mr. Wrangler has touch when it comes to mash-ups. Finding the right way to pull these together is a sign of true skill. Its like they were meant to be…(read more)


Genres hardly exist for Dave Wrangler, Houston, Texas man who seems to cranking out mashups, remixes, and blends like the rest of us do lunch and dinner…(read more)


For all these reasons and more, I am thrilled to present a delicious cut of the original, the Dave Wrangler remix...(read more)

Saint Andre

Dammit this guy is good. Normally we don’t post about this kind of music, but this guy just needs to get props. I haven’t been this excited about mashups in quite a while...(read more)

Pasta Primavera

I know I declared Houston’s Dave Wrangler a robot last month, but now I’m beginning to think he’s some sort of super powered alien...(read more)

The Fast Life

Dave Wrangler used to boost up the frequency of our blog with his latest remixes, rightly. Today we’re very confident, that the cracker he pitched and shipped this time will kick the guts out of the bodies...(read more)

Sheena Beaston

Dave Wrangler ushers in this majorly hot NYC morning with another preview track from his upcoming release, Under the Influence...(read more)

The POP! Stereo

Dave Wrangler will dabble in any and all genres and his style of performance and production reflect his chaotic focus. He blends elements of hip-hop, electronica, indie, rock and dance into a seamless mix of high-energy madness...(read more)

DBM Labs

With a million and 1 dj’s out there today, it’s hard to find the good ones — it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately for us, we have minions scouring the internet every second looking for the good ones and we were lucky to encounter the houston based remixer, producer, DJ Dave Wrangler...(read more)


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